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The Racer X Podcast Network

Oct 18, 2018

Brian Deegan might be best known for his marketing might, having cofounded the Metal Mulisha brand and turned it from a rogue freestyle group into a multimillion-dollar brand. Underneath that, though, Deegan has even more steak than sizzle. He found success as a dirt bike racer, freestyle competitor, off-road truck racer, and rallycross driver. That's four different disciplines Deegan can say he competed in and won in at a high level. That's wild! Now Deegan's kids are on the same path: his daughter Hailie might singlehandedly rescue NASCAR as one of its highest-profile and most talented young stars, and his son, Haiden "DangerBoy" Deegan is already a multi-time AMA Amateur National Motocross Champion at Loretta Lynn's. How did Deegan teach himself? How does he teach his kids? We dive into that in this conversation, which serves as a preview of Brian’s new documentary, Bloodline. We also grab Bloodline writer, director, and producer Paul Taublieb to get more behind-the-scenes Deegan scoop. Many life lessons to be gleaned from this episode of the Racer X Exhaust podcast.

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