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The Racer X Podcast Network

Feb 25, 2021

Luke Nesler is joined by the man behind all of the vlogs coming out of SGB racing and AJ Catanzaro's pit this supercross season. Cameron Bushey talks to Luke about how he got his big break, the place vlogs have in our sport, and how he balances producing three separate vlogs per week.

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Feb 18, 2021

Luke Nesler is joined by Donny Emler Jr. to talk about the creation and launch of FMF Vision. Last month, FMF shocked the industry with their launch of FMF Vision. Luke and Lil D take a deep dive into the story behind the new brand and how launching this top-secret project in the off-season unfolded.

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Feb 15, 2021

This week Daniel Blair, Coach Robb Beamsm "Tool Man" Dan, and Producer Joe talk about round 7 of the 2021 Supercross Championship Series in Orlando.  Hang out with them as Daniel focuses on the headlines in the sport and sometimes it goes off the rails.

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Feb 11, 2021

Luke Nesler is joined by Shawn Lupcho, the creator and owner of Moto-Skiveez. They discuss the research and development that goes into a seemingly simple product, but when you try to improve a design and explain the differences to the marketplace, it can prove to be challenging. Lupcho shares his story and info about...

Feb 10, 2021

Any athlete at the top level possesses a crazy level of ambition, a drive and desire well beyond most people's. Ryan Dungey certainly personified that, as he made hard work his trademark en route to a legendary career. But what happens when you retire and it all stops? Ryan had to find himself, and that almost led...