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The Racer X Podcast Network

Mar 28, 2024

Should dirt bikes get faster or slower? Better might not be better. Carson Brown has top-five supercross speed but prefers to rip on old bikes, minis, two-strokes and more. He knows slower and simpler is definitely more fun, and ultimately, probably better. Even if it's worse! While today's bikes posses an amazing blend of power and traction and undoubtably better than old stuff from an engineering standpoint, that capability means more speed, bigger jumps and more cost. Brown has legit speed, and was a top-five threat in 250SX West Region as recently as as 2022. But his real specialty is pit bikes, two-strokes and more, as evidenced by his unbelievable Instagram account where he rips modern-sized obstacles with modern style on bikes that were never intended for such. It's unreal to watch!

As part of the famous BBR (Brown Brothers Racing) family that has become iconic in pit bike performance, Carson has ridden more bikes than most. He's having a really good time. What has he learned about mins, two-strokes and more? He's learned that they can be more fun than the big, new stuff. What's more, racing them could be better, too. Is this a message we should be hearing?

Jason Weigandt chats with Carson in the latest edition of the Racer X Exhaust Podcast.

The Racer X Exhaust podcast is presented by Yoshimura and Racer X Brand.