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The Racer X Podcast Network

Dec 27, 2021

Its the Annual Main Event Moto Preview Show for the upcoming 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series!

We have almost all the Bat Bros in studio for this one. Including Daniel Blair, Hobo Nick, Andy Gregg, Vincent "V$" Blair, Tool Man Dan, and Producer Joe Gallo.  This week we have some BIG announcements that you do not want to miss! 

As always much love to all of our sponsors! If you support Main Event Moto please support our sponsors.

This is our farewell show on the RacerX Podcast Network and we want to give a huge shoutout to them for being such an awesome partner. Main Event Moto is moving to a different format and you can get all the details in this episode, on our instagram, or go to to learn more! 

We want to thank every listener and Motohead who decided to hang with us throughout the last 5 years of this podcast. We hope to bring you many more.


- Main Event Moto