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The Racer X Podcast Network

Apr 26, 2018

Bobby Hewitt is the only professional team manager Jason Anderson has ever known. Hewitt started a racing team to support his son Hunter, once an up-and-coming amateur prospect. It became a top amateur outfit, then a professional team, and then went through the ringer by gaining and losing factory support. Hunter eventually moved on from racing, yet the team continued to grow, slaying giants in both classes until Husqvarna factory support strengthened its core. If Anderson is able to clinch the Monster Energy Supercross Championship, it will complete arguably the most remarkable evolution of a team in this sport's history. And it was all spearheaded by Hewitt, a smart, straight-shooting Texas businessman who just wants the best for his kids—his own children, as well as the rest of the riders on the team, whom he’s come to love. The Racer X Exhaust Podcast is sponsored by Yoshimura.