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The Racer X Podcast Network

Nov 24, 2023

Dylan Ferrandis’ 2023 season was filled with frustration, as more injuries mounted in Monster Energy Supercross, and he could not gel with his bike in Pro Motocross. The Frenchman was even considering retirement at one point because he was no longer having fun on the motorcycle. This is a rider who wears his emotions on his sleeve and always tells you how he feels. What he really wanted to try was a Honda, but it wasn’t easy to find a spot to race one. Enter David Eller of Phoenix Honda and Rick “Ziggy” Zielfelder of Factory Connection, with support for Dylan in 2024. Jason Weigandt chatted with Dylan, who is always brutally honest, about the frustration of supercross, his ’23 troubles, and his hopes for the future.
The Exhaust podcast is presented by Yoshimura, Leatt, and Steel City Men’s Clinic.