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The Racer X Podcast Network

Aug 29, 2023

Hard to believe this season started as a celebration of Eli Tomac's greatness and the new age limits for winners in the sport, and has ended with a whole new generation rushing to the top of the charts. Eli and his peers will be back, but it has very quickly become the dawn of Jett and Hunter Lawrence and Chase Sexton at the top, plus Haiden Deegan making immediate noise in his first pro season. It's the dynamic of these personalities, all with a never-give-up spirit, that will make the next years of battles quite interesting to watch. And hey, eventually Tomac will be back!
Jason Weigandt riffs on the sudden transition and just how amazing Jett's perfect season really was. Plus, audio from Jett, Hunter, Chase and Aaron Plessinger via the post-race press conference.
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