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The Racer X Podcast Network

Jul 20, 2022

On Friday before the Southwick National, New England fan favorites Doug Henry, John Dowd, and Jimmy Decotis stopped by the Monster Energy Stage to share some memories and talk about what they're doing today. For Dowd and Henry, the story is simple: the legends are now part of the Southwick track crew! Jimmy D, meanwhile, stepped away from racing two years ago and had been quiet since, but now he's back on the bike and working with young riders in the area. He's also planning to race Southwick for fun next year! 

The real kicker? The humble stories of Dowd and Henry. Did you know Doug came to Southwick as a fan, just watching on the fence, and then six years later he was the 125 National Motocross Champion? That's crazy, but for Doug Henry, it's normal. Enjoy the show.

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