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The Racer X Podcast Network

Jul 25, 2018

The truth is, we could barely keep Racer X Online afloat last week, as co-bossman Chase Stallo was gone all week working for ESPN's X Games. Jason Weigandt did his best to keep the creative juices flowing on his own, but by this week, both men were spent. So they did what they usually do: picked up the phone to try to figure some stuff out. The only difference is that they recorded that conversation this time. Welcome to a new podcast, Staff Meeting, a part of the Racer X Podcast Network. In this one, Stallo and Weigandt discuss the evolution of X Games and end up tackling other major topics in the sport: Does social media actually sell product? Do TV ratings matter so much anymore? Why do riders in the 450 class get so much more scrutiny than 250 riders? And why has Eli Tomac chosen not to get block-pass revenge on Marvin Musquin? 

From now on, we're making Racer X Staff Meetings your meetings too. Listen in to hear some professional bench-racing (because it's our job to discuss dirt bikes 24/7).