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The Racer X Podcast Network

Nov 7, 2018

Hunter Lawrence and his family aren't exactly sure why they had to do it they way they did, but they knew they had to do it. Australia's Hunter and his younger brother Jett spent three years racing in Europe before moving to the U.S. under the idea that time in Europe would make them better racers here. This decision looks brilliant now, after Team USA took a shellacking at the Motocross of Nations, leading many to think that racing through Europe's diverse tracks and conditions helps build special skills. Now Hunter and his brother are officially members of the GEICO Honda team (Jett will race amateurs in 2019). Did they put themselves on the right path? We'll find out once the races begin, but for now we can tell you that Hunter seems like a good dude. We rang him up this week to talk about his transition and his background.

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