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The Racer X Podcast Network

Sep 20, 2023

Now that fans, teams, and riders are truly experiencing the SMX playoffs firsthand, Jason Weigandt circles back to the story of how this all started, with a quick meeting between Feld Motor Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing at Daytona of 2020, then COVID soon after, then cooperation on a much higher level. Weigandt runs through how the two series worked together to form one uniform television package for the first time, where the idea of a unified championship with both series working together came from, how the race teams finally felt a sense of cooperation, and how the FIM ended up no longer involved in American racing (which led the FIM to take bids for a new promotional partner for a new supercross championship, which we now know as WSX. Believe it or not, the seeds of SMX led to WSX being created, which is the opposite of what you probably think). This is a rare look way inside the inner workings of racing behind the scenes. 
The Racer X Exhaust Podcast is presented by Yoshimura, Leatt and the Steel City Men's Clinic.