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The Racer X Podcast Network

Aug 24, 2023

Jason Weigandt checks in on the current GNCC racer for an update on the woods, and his thoughts on motocross, riding styles, and more.
Zach Osborne's attempt to become a contender in the Grand National Cross Country series has not gone to plan, with a pair of injuries essentially ruining the first half of his first season with Am-Pro Yamaha. He's finally healthy, though, and ready for the series to resume in mid-September. For now, Zach's over in England racing the Vets Motocross des Nations on a YZ250 two-stroke. So we asked him about that and racing in the woods, then began chatting about current motocross: Zach thinks Eli Tomac actually started the new trend in riding that Jett Lawrence has now taken to an almost artful form, and Zach himself is still learning and trying to improve his game by incorporating those techniques. Zacho chats all things dirt bikes with Jason Weigandt in this episode of the Racer X Exhaust Podcast.
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