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The Racer X Podcast Network

Jul 19, 2023

You can mark it on your calendar. Each summer, usually around RedBud, Ty Masterpool starts hauling butt and reminding everyone that he has serious talent. Then comes the cries from fans to put Ty on a factory motorcycle. Yet, it's 2023 and Ty, who sits sixth in 450MX points despite not even racing the 450 class at the opening round, is yet again a privateer, under the HBI Racing tent.
There are many misunderstandings and rumors about the Masterpool plan. Some think Ty and his family don't want to race or succeed in supercross. Some think they don't want Ty to race at all. Some think they don't want to work with a factory team.
Ty is not a rider of many words, but he is making it clear he would love a factory bike and loves supercross. To dive in deeper, Jason Weigandt rang up Ty's father, Jerry, formerly an Olympic Champion coach in Alpine racing (and Ty's mom, Tarah, is one of the pioneers, and a great champion, in snowboarding). But Jerry wants everyone to know this isn't abou t mom and dad. It's about Ty, who wants to race, and the family will support him as far as they possibly can. They would love to see him on a factory team, though!
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