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The Racer X Podcast Network

Oct 25, 2022

Colt Nichols might have experienced more highs and lows than anyone in the game right now. Coming off last year's 250SX East Supercross Championship, he never even scored a point in 2022, crashing out of his Anaheim 1 heat race while running in 250SX West. The injuries were bad, and Colt never made it back to a race. Then came more pain: an injury clause meant he wasn't getting paid, then he asked to get out of his Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing contract early so he could get a head start with a new 450 team. Then that team closed. Then he tried to rush together an effort to race FIM World Supercross. He was running out of time and that wasn't working as he had hoped. Then, when it seemed like everything was going wrong, something went right: after parting with Ken Roczen, Honda had a 450 opening in supercross. Just like that, Nichols got a supercross deal with a highly coveted factory squad. Now he's betting on himself for 2023, looking to make an impact in his rookie 450 season.

Jason Weigandt rings up Colt to learn the details, including the injury timeline, pay, home sales, training, prep, and so much more.

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