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The Racer X Podcast Network

Sep 30, 2020

Dylan Ferrandis is actually one of the most open and honest riders on the AMA circuit, but many fans don't know that because it's hard to understand him! Jason Weigandt helps articulate the points that Ferrandis makes in this interview, adding his interpretation to sound bites after an interview with the current 250 Class series leader. Ferrandis explains his approach to the final races, bike changes that helped with his starts but slowed him on the track, and how he was actually mad at himself for that Christian Craig incident earlier in the season. Also, he explains that winning last year's Monster Energy Supercross Championship in 250SX West might have made him too complacent when Lucas Oil Pro Motocross began for 2019, which he now considers the greatest lesson of his racing career—and a mistake he won't make again. Plus: while racing over the weekend at WW Ranch, he had visions of trying to battle Jeffrey Herlings, which Ferrandis had to do in his MX2 days in the GPs. Ferrandis explains much about the emotions of racing at the top level. It's worth understanding!

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